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A new bridal salon "Renaissance" is the official representative of the company «Rafineza».
We offer bridal, evening and children's clothes in the rental and sale. We have any representative of the fairer sex can pick up different styles of dresses and a wide price range. In our shop you are sure to find a dress, which has always dreamed of.

Our services are:
 rental and sale of bridal, evening and children's clothes;
 custom wedding dresses from catalogs;
 Rental of wedding and evening accessories;
 sale of related products;
 Free advice on the selection of hairstyles and makeup.

Gifts Bride:
A. hairstyle or manicure-pedicure to choose from in the barbershop, "Lily";
Two. Free photo shoot in a hotel suite "Dvina", on the balcony of the hotel, in the halls of the restaurant "Slavic" (interior of the 19th century);
Three. discount on the room in a hotel for honeymooners "Dvina" at a rate of 10%;
4. discount for the wedding celebration in a restaurant "Slavic" in the amount of 5%
During a wedding celebration in a restaurant "Slavic" number in a hotel for honeymooners "Dvina" free of charge.

Address Interior: Polotsk, etc. Skaryna, 13, 1st floor of the hotel "Dvina".
Hours of operation: Tues-Fri 11.00. - 19.00., Sat. 10.00. - 15.00., Sunday - closed.
Contact telephone numbers: 8033336 36 05 8 0214 42 24 71

Make your own dream!